PVC Foil for Lamination

PVC profiles lamination is a color solution in window technologies


The lamination process involves the coating process of PVC window profiles by the decorative films using special glue and lamination machines. Lamination is used in order to give a more attractive appearance to conventional plastic PVC structures, as well as their protection from external environmental influences.

Profile laminating can be carried out from the outside or inside or from both sides of the window profile. You can also combine colors or use different colors on both sides. The color palette of this coating is diverse.

Advantages of laminated profile:

  • High mechanical resistance;
  • Resistance to the weather conditions (the film doesn’t fade under the sun, resistant to the sharp temperature changes from -80 to + 130°C and insensitive to the precipitation);
  • Guaranteed durability, strength and aesthetics of the window (up to 20 years);
  • Laminated profile is easily processed;
  • Laminated windows are extremely easy to care and clean.


We offer individual solutions for coating and protecting window profiles, sills and furniture with decorative PVC films.

To our customers we provide only high-quality consumables of world-famous manufacturers.


Internal Coating
Internal Coating
External Coating
External Coating