Black and white
Protective Film and Tape

Maximum film width : 1250 mm (on request)
Thickness : 40 - 80 microns (on request)
Maximum film length : 500 m

Black-white protective film 

Black-white film is designed to protect PVC, aluminum profiles from UV radiation, damage, contamination and mechanical influences. This is the most durable type of protective film.

Black and white film is a two-layer material made of polyethylene, black on one side and white on the other. This is the most durable type of protective film. It has an additional layer, which protects the surface from UV radiation and mechanical damage. The thickness of the film varies from 40 to 80 microns, depending on the customer's request. The protective properties of the film depend on the selected thickness.

Protective black-white film is designed for:

  • Protection of the product from UV radiation;
  • Protection of product surfaces from damages and contaminations during transportation and installation;
  • Protection of product surfaces from mechanical influences during processing (bending, cutting, shaping, stamping).


Examples of film application on different surfaces:

  • Painted and unpainted metal sheets and products made of them: sandwich panels, aluminum composite panels, aluminum window profiles;
  • Plastic surfaces: plastic sheets, PVC profiles and window sills.


Properties and benefits of the black and white film:

  • Provides the possibility of combination of different films with different properties;
  • Good elasticity and opacity;
  • High reflection effect of light rays;
  • Impermeability to water and vapor;
  • High strength characteristics;
  • Easily removed from the surface, leaving no traces of adhesive on the surface of the product.


LS 1600
LS 1600
Chipless & Waste-Free Protective Tape Slitting Machine
LS 800B / LS 1300B / LS 1600B
LS 800B / LS 1300B / LS 1600B
Surface Protection Tapes Slitting Machine
Custom-made film
Custom-made film