Hardener СР-25
Adhesives for Lamination

The hardener is intended to be used with glue "Augsklei CP-25".

Consistency : Liquid substance
Ratio with a glue : 1:6 (1 kg hardener for 6kg glue)
Application temperature : + 18°C – + 25°C
Packaging : 1 kg
Shelf life : Up to 12 months

Hardener СР-25

For the best results and in order to achieve the highest degree of adhesion, the glue Augsklei CP-25 is recommended to use with Hardener CP-25 of the same brand Augsklei, by adding it in a ratio of 1: 6.

Applications:  before usage hardener should be kept at room temperature at 20 ± 5°C during the day. Before using it should be mixed. In order to use adhesive Augsklei CP-25 it is necessary to add in it hardener “Hardener CP-25” in the proportion of 1 kg of hardener for 6 kg of glue. The mixing process should be done slowly, gently stirring with a stick for 2 minutes. This mixture must be used within  20-30 minutes after preparation.

Storage conditions: hardener should be stored in a closed original package under normal cool and dry storage conditions at room temperature from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C, should be protected from direct sunlight. In such conditions it can be stored for at least 12 months without a negative impact on its quality.

Packaging:  can of 1 kg.


Augsklei CP-25
Augsklei CP-25
Polyurethane-based adhesive, used for the production of sandwich panels that consist of PVC composition with polystyrene sheets or styrofoam