Protective Film and Tape

Transparent protective film 

Transparent film for temporary protection has high barrier properties, which makes it possible to widely use in domestic and production needs. The transparent protective film can be used in such industries as: window and furniture production, construction (manufacturing of panels), electronics.

A transparent film by performing its protective barrier function does not distort the colors of the product and, therefore, is a kind of packing material, which guarantees the delivery of products to the consumer in a good, safe way without any scratches and damages.

The thickness of the transparent protective film varies from 30 to 50 microns.

Protective transparent film is designed for:

  • Protection from external environmental influences;
  • Protection of surfaces from damage, formation of scratches, abrasions and attritions during shipping, handling and assembly;
  • Protection from contamination during storage.

Examples of film application on different surfaces:

  • Laminated surfaces;
  • Carpet surfaces;
  • Plastic surfaces;
  • Wooden surfaces;
  • Metal surfaces.

Properties and benefits of the transparent protective film:

  • Special durability and reliability;
  • Waterproof;
  • Good elasticity;
  • Easily removed from the surface, leaving no traces of adhesive on the surface of the product;
  • Reliable fixation (film do not peel off during transportation and installation).


LS 1600
LS 1600
Chipless & Waste-Free Protective Tape Slitting Machine
LS 800B / LS 1300B / LS 1600B
LS 800B / LS 1300B / LS 1600B
Surface Protection Tapes Slitting Machine
Custom-made film
Custom-made film