FlexMelt™ Series

Tank Capacity : 8-100 L
Melting Capacity : 6,5 – 65 Kg/h
Working Viscosity : 50 000 CPS
Number of Pumps : 2-4
Hydraulic Pressure : 80 Bar

New FlexMelt™ Series includes a complete range of hot melt tanks designed for the most demanding applications. All FlexMelt Series Units feature an intuitive MFC (Multi-Function Controller) for fast and easy configuration changes. This totally integrated control provides ‘key-to-line’ capabilities from one single, user-friendly screen.

Product Specifications

  • Up to 2 gear pumps dual or single stream for the 8 and 14 L units.
  • Up to 4 gear pumps dual or single stream for the 30 and 50 L units.
  • Support for any pump combination.
  • Multi-fuction control with integrated variable speed pump control for key-to-line capabilities from one single screen.
  • Easy access to pump manifolds.
  • Up to 8 hose and gun connections.
  • Variable speed AC motor and gear pumps are in all FlexMelt units. These units are controlled through an intuitive multi-function control and support any pump combination without complicated job programming.
  • Ensure a reliable operation, minimize downtime and help reduce char buildup, while simplifying maintenance with our Teflon® coated tanks.
  • The integrated grammage control is accessible through Valco Melton’s user-friendly multi-function controller. Simplify your operator’s programming tasks and virtually eliminate waste and downtime associated with incorrect adjustment of the coat weight. This leads to important adhesive savings and ensures a consistent, defect-free product.
 Technical Specifications
System FM8 FM14 FM30 FM50 FM100
Tank Capacity 8 L 14 L 30 L 50 L 100 L
Melting Capacity (Kg/h) 6,5 12 18 32 65
Max. Pump Capacity per Pump Single stream: 0.45 – 8 cc /Dual stream: 2x 0.2 – 4.8 cc Single stream: 15 – 30 cc
Max. Number of Pumps Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 2
Electrical Connection 230 + PE or 400 Y + PE
Max. Working Hydraulic Pressure  80 bar
Max. Working Viscosity 50 000 CPS
Electrical Consumption (unit) 2900 W 4100 W 4100 W 7300 W 12100 W
Electrical Consumption (pump and manifold) 1280 W 1280 W 1280 W 1280 W 3250 W



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