D4-PUR Series

Tank Capacity : 4 L
Melting Capacity : 5 Kg/h*
Hydraulic Pressure : 100 Bar
Number of Pumps : 1
Pumping Capacity : max 24 Kg/h

D4-PUR Series accommodate 2kg PUR standard slugs and work with up to 4 liters of adhesive. All units feature a fully integrated multi-functional controller that is accessible from a user-friendly screen, allowing for fast and easy configuration changes and providing ‘key-to-line’ capabilities.

Product Specifications

  • Ideal for edge-banding, post-forming, bookbinding, product assembly and clear packaging.
  • Airtight tank opening and blowing system.
  • No cleaning is required, which eliminates the need for weekend shutdown.
  • Swiveling tank lid allows for faster changes of PUR slugs, minimizing downtime.
  • Optional pneumatic pressure regulation.
  • Optional lighting beacon and unit alarms to indicate low adhesive levels.
  • Wide range of available options permits complete customization based on specific user needs.


Technical Specifications
Unit D4 PUR
Tank Capacity 4L
Melting Capacity 5 Kg/h (*)
Adhesives PUR
Number of Pumps 1
Working Temperature 30  ºC – 230  ºC
Electrical Connection 230 V 3-phase Δ / 400 V 3-phase Y – 50/60 Hz
Max. Working Hydraulic Pressure  100 Bar
Max. Working Viscosity 100 000 cps
Max. Electrical Tank Consumption 1200 W
Max. Pumping Capacity per Pump max 24 Kg/h
Variable Speed No
Grammage Control No
Max. Electric Exits 2
Hydraulic Exits 2
Maximum output power (Channel 1 / Channel 2) 2Х1150 W
Maximum output power (Channel 3 / Channel 4)

(*) Melt rate may vary depending on specific adhesive type.


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