Colquímica Adhesives

Multi-purpose packaging adhesive used in a wide range of packaging applications

Colour : White
Softening point : 110 ± 5 °C
Working temperature : 150 – 180 °C
Heat resistance : 80°C
Packing type : bag / 20 kg

Hot melt C 3400 on the base of polyolefin

Latest-generation hot melt C 3400 is multi-purpose packaging adhesive used in a wide range of packaging applications, such as carton sealing, tray erection, ream wrapping and assembly of difficult substrates, and well as in polygraphy and ceramic tile packaging. Applying adhesive between tiles avoids detection and cracking during shipping. One adhesive can perform in several different applications.

Depending on substrates, this product can allow bonds with heat resistance up to +70 °C and cold resistance down to -25 °C. It was especially developed for packaging applications where high heat resistance is needed.  It is characterized by: good hot tack, long open time and short setting time, improved adhesion properties and excellent thermal stability that allow to reduce the consumption at least 50%, depending on application, in comparison with other adhesives.

This product compared to EVA adhesive has an improved thermal stability, stays constant in its viscosity, therefore no changes in the adhesion and in the processing quality, even after long resting time in the adhesive melting machines.  Resistant to vescosity change resulting in clean machining hour after hour.

Hot melt C 3400 is used for:

  • Packing ceramic tiles;
  • Assembly and closure of cardboard and corrugated base paper;
  • Manufacturing of fruit boxes;
  • Formation and closure of boxes of food and industrial products;
  • Formation and closure of tile boxes.


Properties of hot melt adhesive:

  • Quick tack, even when hot;
  • Versability. Good adhesion to difficult substrates;
  • High resistance to heat;
  • Very high thermal stability;
  • High Cohesion, even when hot;
  • Good adhesion to difficult substrates;
  • Low consumption adhesive, with extremely low density;
  • Clean machining, no stringing and failing;
  • Odour and smoke-free;
  • Not-toxic;
  • Long storage life;
  • Convenience of storage.

Application: can be used in the nozzle, roller or another applicator system. Temperatures above 190 °C should be avoided. The equipment needs to be freed from EVA hot melt and cleaned since this product is not compatible with EVA-based hot melts. During extended machine stops it is recommended to switch off the heating.

Storage conditions: glue should be stored in a closed original package under normal cool and dry storage conditions and protected from direct sunlight. In such conditions glue can be stored for at least 24 months without negative impact on its quality.


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Hotmelt adhesive EVOLUTION C2700 based on polyolefin is used in a wide range of packaging applications