EDrum Series

Drum Capacity : 200 L
Melting Capacity : 60 Kg/h
Working Pressure : 100 Bar
Number of Pumps : max 2
Pumping Rate : max 180 Kg/h

200 L Drum Unloaders

Designed for the application of any type of adhesive delivered in 200-liter drums, the EDrum Series Unloaders are extremely versatile and include several, customizable options that adapt to each user’s specific requirements.

Product Specifications

  • Safer working environment with optional platen protection system and vent hood.
  • Reduced downtime related to drum changes with new drum fastening system.
  • Customizable to specific user needs.
  • Integrated grammage control.
  • Teflon® encapsulated seals.
Technical Specifications
Unit EDrum Series
System 200L flat platen 200L finned platen
Drum Capacity 200 L 200 L
Max. Melting Capacity 60 Kg/h 130 Kg/h
Max. Pumping Rate 180 Kg/h 180 Kg/h
Max. Number of Pumps 2 2
Working Temperature 30ºC – 240ºC
Max. Working Pressure  100 Bar
Max. Working Viscosity 100 000 cps
Electrical Consumption 24,0 Kw



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